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Turning Tools

Turning Tools (Rotators) are supported by a wide range of Engine specific adaptors. Each engine adaptor connects the OTT system to the hand turning point, or starter motor position, on the engine gearbox. This gives the operator a choice from basic engine turning through to more advanced functions, including blade tagging, backlash memory recall and remote turning control via a Local Area Network (LAN).

The OTT range includes:

OTT Basic for simple engine rotation.
 OTT Advanced providing enhanced engine turning.
 OTT F100 Advanced benefits from the same features as the OTT Advanced but is specifically for use with the F100 engine.
 OTT4 is a lightweight system offering basic engine turning and is dedicated to the F110
 F118, F402 and JT8 engines.

Lightweight, compact systems,
 Single user operation,
 Compatibility with a wide range of gas turbine engines,
 Intuitive operation,
 Precise engine turning.

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