Epsilon NDT is offering the instruments, systems and solutions services in areas such as aviation, defense, transportation, automotive, energy, iron&steel and foundry industries with its Non Destructive Testing, Industrial Safety and Train Technology Systems divions. Since the establishment The Company is the implementer of firsts in the related sectors with its innovative corporate culture.

Epsilon NDT, with its Non Destructive Testing (NDT) division ,is successfully representing the world-leader companies in Turkey and Asian countries without comprimising quality and customer satisfaction. It is the founder of the first and only specially licensed weld replacement cell in Turkey and continues to maintain its market leadership position.

With its Train Technology Systems (TTS) division, It provides services in railway area as supplier to Turkey leading organizations, state enterprises in conventional and advanced technology applications such as High Speed Train.

Epsilon NDT, after adding Industrial Safety (SAFETY) to its field of activities, provides solutions in industrial, fire department, civil defence, CBRN, search and rescue services, emergency, mining, military, occupational health and safety areas.




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